About Anthony

“During the past legislative session I raised issues of inequality and poverty at every opportunity; fought against corporate welfare and for more investment in low income home weatherization, led the debate to overturn Citizens United, to divest state funds from fossil fuel companies, to establish a public bank, support local community schools and more. I was named Ally of the year by Green Mountain Self Advocates for work in support of Vermonters with developmental disabilities.

I succeeded in moving 10% of the state’s cash from private banks to a local investment fund and got the legislature to commit to lowering the cost of our state colleges. On the Health and Welfare Committee, I am helping lead us to single payer, universal health care and co-sponsored a new law to identify and control toxics in children’s products. I also sponsored new laws that protect tenants in danger of losing access to water due to irresponsible landlords and ensures service cuts for developmental disabilities will now undergo legislative scrutiny and public debate. And, as the Director of Rural Vermont, where I led the call for GMO labeling 25 years ago, I was glad to see that bill finally signed, as I was to see child care and home health workers win the right to organize.

All good stuff…but there is clearly much more to do.”

Anthony represents Washington County in the Vermont State Senate. Before election to the Senate in 2010, Anthony spent over 30 years as a community organizer, advocate and educator, committed to helping citizens have a stronger voice in policy decisions that affect them. He continues that commitment today in the Senate.

“Anthony provides the leadership in the Senate we need in these difficult times”                         -Senator Bernie Sanders

In his first years in the Senate, Anthony has been honored as Legislator of the Year by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and twice chosen Ally of the Year by Green Mountain Self Advocates for his support of Vermonters with developmental disabilities – the only legislator to receive this honor twice. And, he has been the primary sponsor of successful legislation, including:

  • Supporting Vermonters with autism and developmental delays by requiring insurers to cover needed therapies.
  • Having the state buy and hire local, supporting local businesses and workers.
  • Investing more of Vermonters money locally, with the 10% for Vermont plan.
  • Building a better budget, with a new way to evaluate our economic growth and environmental and social well-being with a Genuine Progress Indicator.
  • Lowering the cost of college, making our state colleges more affordable.
  • Ensuring greater transparency by insurance companies, including disclosure of denied claims, lobbying and political spending CEO salaries and more.
  • Requiring legislative oversight of changes in the System of Care for Vermonters with developmental disabilities.
  • Protecting tenants from losing access to water when the landlord fails to pay.
  • Respecting people with disabilities by changing Vermont laws to use respectful language.

As Clerk of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee Anthony is closely involved in efforts to lower health care costs, create a universal health care system and build a community based mental health system.

Anthony also led the Senate debate on important issues; opposing the Citizens United decision that allows unlimited corporate campaign spending, pushing for more funding for low income home weatherization, expanding Vermont’s bottle return law and protecting local schools from the negative impacts of school consolidation.

“Anthony is a compassionate, effective force in the Vt.  Senate, I am proud to support him.”  – Governor Peter Shumlin

View Vermont Legislative website at www.leg.state.vt.us

Before entering the State Senate Anthony worked hard for Vermonters:

  • Senior Policy Advisor to U.S. Representative Bernie Sanders
  • Founder and Director of Rural Vermont, a farm & rural advocacy group.
  • Director of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, Vermont’s largest consumer and  environmental organization
  • Director of Vermont Democracy Fund, empowering citizens to have a stronger voice in policies that impact them
  • Producer and Host of Equal Time Radio, live, progressive call in radio program on WDEV AM&FM.

Anthony has received the Lena Brown Labor Award from the Vermont State Labor Council, recognizing his many years of outstanding service to the working men and women of Vermont

Some other work experiences include:

  • Adjunct Instructor – Johnson State College, Public Policy Courses
  • Organizer – Dairy Farmers of Vermont
  • Regional Organizer – FarmAid
  • Director/Teacher – Community High School, alternative grade 7-12 school
  • Instructor – Community College of Vermont, Vermont Studies, American History

Other Experience:

  • Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association, Board member
  • Vermont Peace and Justice Center, Board member
  • Governor’s Agriculture Advisory Board, Member
  • National Biotechnology Working Group, Member/ Organizer
  • National Family Farm Coalition, Board member

Anthony holds a BA from Johnson State College, Political Science and Environmental Studies (1977). He is married to Deborah Wolf. They have two daughters. And live in Middlesex, Vermont.